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Composer Hans Huber (1852-1921)

Hans Huber – probably the most important Swiss composer of the Romantic period – was born near Schönenwerd in Canton Solothurn in 1852. After his matriculation Huber studied composition in Leipzig with Carl Reinecke, subsequently spending most of his life in Basel, where he considerably influenced musical life in the following decades. With his two festival compositions Huber achieved national recognition but was almost completely forgotten soon after his death in 1921. It is only in recent years that there has been renewed interest in this composer.

Although almost all Hans Huber’s works were brought out by large publishing houses during his lifetime, only a few compositions are still available on the market today. Acanthus Music has now published two of his most important choral works and a volume with 18 piano pieces which had been out of date for decades. Furthermore, several of his works are available on CD at Acanthus Music.