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Daniel Hellbach
Hans Huber
Hans Zellweger
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Composer Daniel Hellbach (born 1958)

In the last ten years Daniel Hellbach has made a name for himself in Switzerland and even throughout Europe as a composer of popular teaching literature. His style combines various elements from pop, rock, jazz but also classical music. This combination results in a tonal/musical language which meets the taste of a wide public. With his compositions Daniel Hellbach has fulfilled the long-standing wish of many of the young, but also young at heart: the opportunity to play music with which they can identify and also express their feelings.

However, Hellbach’s works have also become an indispensable tool for experienced music teachers, being perfectly satisfactory for the demands of modern methodological and integrated teaching practices. Because it all sounds so good, difficulties are overcome almost imperceptibly in an enjoyable musical package. All the technical and tonal possibilities of the musical instrument are assimilated almost without effort. The result is modern pop music, as we hear it everywhere, which manages at the same time to bridge the gap to classical music.

In addition to his work as a composer, Daniel Hellbach stills acts as a piano teacher at various music schools. All his pieces have been and are composed for his students, who both try them out and test them thoroughly.